Research roundup: The naked (mole rat) truth, and more

What good is a longer life if you have to spend half of it keeping up with the news? Ditch those endlessly scrolling feeds, and instead join us every other week for a concentrated dose of the most exciting developments in the field of geroscience.

Here’s the recap:

Naked mole rats really do age better, Calico announces. Due to some combination of superior DNA repair, resistance to oxidative stress, anti-cancer mechanisms or other as-yet-undiscovered improvements, these rodents’ mortality rates don’t rise exponentially with age, as they do with most mammals. Scientists did not comment on whether naked mole rats thought their incredible longevity was worth looking like naked mole rats.

Naked mole rats really do age better

Why is paraquat, a popular pesticide, associated with Parkinson’s disease risk? Researchers at the Buck Institute discover that it causes the glial cells that support neurons in the substantia nigra to senesce, and furthermore find that clearing senescent cells from the brain reverses neurodegeneration in a Parkinson’s mouse model.

it causes the glial cells that support neurons in the substantia nigra to senesce

It looks like mTORC1 is sort of like the evil cousin of mTORC2, since suppressing the latter decreases lifespan in a mouse model, while suppressing the


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