Senescent Cells in Skin Contribute to the Formation of Age Spots, and Can be Destroyed by Radiofrequency Treatment

Two quite interesting findings are presented in this open access paper. Firstly, the pigmented areas of skin called age spots are in large part generated by the presence of senescent cells and their detrimental effects on mechanisms of skin pigmentation. Secondly, one the skin treatments that has for years been touted as rejuvenating by vendors in the more dubious, unscientific end of the medical community in fact destroys a fair number of senescent cells and therefore might actually be a legitimate rejuvenation therapy, albeit limited to the skin. This is certainly a novelty, but I suppose that the research community might find more such cases as the understanding of senescent cells in aging continues to grow in detail and sophistication. There will be a certain amount of up-ending of expectations on all sides as rejuvenation therapies and their associated research communities make progress in the years to come.

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A caveat on this research is that the portion using human data involves results obtained from only a few individuals, while much of the mechanistic examination in cells and tissues largely uses senescence induced in non-physiological conditions. Based on other research, cells made senescent in various non-physiological ways can differ


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