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The latest annual report from the SENS Research Foundation is out, covering progress in 2017 and early 2018. The SENS Research Foundation remains one of the very few philanthropic organizations focused on speeding the development of rejuvenation therapies – something we hope to see change in the years to come, as more support arrives for this field. The foundation staff use the charitable donations provided by our community to fund research programs specifically focused on areas of biotechnology that are presently blocked or neglected, but that can potentially give rise to ways to repair, remove, or work around the cell and tissue damage that causes aging. They also support networking, advocacy, and conference series designed to build bridges between academia and industry in order to smooth the road towards commercial development of advances developed in the laboratory.

SENS Research Foundationrepair, remove, or work aroundcell and tissue damage that causes agingconference series

Along with the Methuselah Foundation, where the SENS rejuvenation research programs started, the SENS Research Foundation has done a great deal to change the way in which the scientific community and broader public view aging. Back at the turn of the century, when the SENS program was proposed, and Aubrey de


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