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IMAGE: Anti-STn ADCs impede OvCa xenograft growth in vivo and target STn+ cells. (A) Mice bearing tumors derived from OVCAR3 were treated with vehicle, unconjugated S3F, S3F-CL-MMAE, unconjugated 2G12-2B2, or 2G12-2B2-CL-MMAE…. view more 

Credit: Corporate Contact: Siamab Therapeutics Jenna Stein, 857-222-5817 [email protected]

NEWTON, Mass., May 1, 2018 – Siamab Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel glycan-targeted cancer therapeutics, today announced the publication of new preclinical data for its ST1 antibody drug conjugate (ADC) targeting the tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen (TACA) Sialyl-Tn (STn). STn is present on multiple solid tumors and is associated with a chemoresistant population in ovarian cancer. The findings show that ST1-ADC selectively inhibits tumor cell proliferation and induces tumor cell death in both in vitro and in vivo ovarian cancer models. ST1, Siamab’s lead program, is in late stage preclinical development for the treatment of STn-expressing solid tumors. The data, generated through a collaboration with Bo Rueda, Ph.D., Director of The Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital, have been published online in the journal Oncotarget.

The published study results show that STn is expressed on ovarian cancer cells and is frequently co-expressed with the established ovarian cancer stem cell (CSC) marker CD133. Importantly,


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