Spying on the virus: Development to increase effectiveness of viral cancer therapy

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Scientists have learned how to observe the processes of oncolytic viruses in cancer cells in real time. For the first time ever, a group of scientists from NUST MISIS and the University of Calgary (Canada) has managed to apply the technique of intravital microscopy to study the interaction of oncolytic viruses with both tumor and healthy cells of the body. The researchers have presented a technological development that can visually observe how the virus behaves in the tissues of a living organism. The research results have been published in international scientific journal Molecular Therapy Oncolytics.

Today, doctors typically treat cancer surgically, through either radiation or chemotherapy. Therapy with an oncolytic virus – virotherapy or oncolytics – is a fairly new and promising method of cancer treatment based on the creation (including the methods to genetically engineer them) of special modified viruses that target and kill tumor cells. Oncolytic viruses also stimulate anticancer immunity, which leads the tumor to destroy itself.

The body`s immune system must destroy cancer cells immediately to prevent any damage, but cancer cells have


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