Stem Cell Signaling from Gums Might be Used to Accelerate Healing in Other Tissues

Why do gums heal more rapidly than skin? These research results follow that question down into the cellular biochemistry of regeneration and stem cell activity, in search of the important differences between gums and skin. The authors have uncovered a potentially interesting mechanism in the signaling of stem cells present in gum tissue, one that might be exploited to speed up healing of wounds elsewhere in the body. Investigations of stem cell signaling and its role in regeneration are a growing focus in the research community. Many classes of future regenerative therapies may well do away with cell transplants in favor of delivering only the signals generated by those cells.

stem cellsInvestigations of stem cell signaling

Ever notice how a cut inside the mouth heals much faster than a cut to the skin? Gum tissue repairs itself roughly twice as fast as skin and with reduced scar formation. One reason might be because of the characteristics of gingival mesenchymal stem cells, or GMSCs, which can give rise to a variety of cell types. “This study represents the convergence of a few different paths we’ve been exploring. First, we know as dentists that the healing process is different in the mouth; it’s


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