The Alzheimer's Research Community is Increasingly Supportive of the Leucadia Therapeutics Approach to the Condition

The Leucadia Therapeutics team are developing a means to restore the pace at which cerebrospinal fluid drains from the brain. Atrophy of systems of drainage with age causes metabolic wastes such as amyloid and tau to accumulate, leading to Alzheimer’s disease. In the past few years, a growing number of papers have emerged in support of this class of approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s. This one is a more general example, suggesting that any means of reducing protein aggregates in cerebrospinal fluid would help – though since a simple fluid flow mechanism already exists in the body, it seems like a good idea to get that working again in older individuals rather than trying something more complex and biochemical, such as immunotherapy.

Leucadia Therapeuticsdeveloping a meanscerebrospinal fluidamyloidtauAlzheimer’s diseaseemerged in support

Amyloid-β (Aβ) is cleared from the brain by several independent mechanisms, including drainage to the vascular and glymphatic systems, and in situ degradation by glial cells. Astrocytes and microglia can produce Aβ degrading proteases like neprilysin, as well as chaperones involved in the clearance of Aβ. There is also a receptor mediated endocytosis, where receptors located in the surface of glial cells are involved in the uptake and clearance of


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