The Goal of Symbiotic Microbes in Tissues, Generating Additional Oxygen as Required

We live in an era of biotechnology, of tremendous year by year increases in the capacity to engineer the fundamental mechanisms of life and disease. The research community and funding institutions should aim high, aim at the new and the amazing, rather than slouching forward in the service of crafting yet more marginal, incremental improvements to existing forms of therapy. Sadly, mediocrity rules when it comes to all too much of the research community. Vision is lacking, and far too few people are willing to tread the roads yet untraveled.

Why is it necessary to spend so much time and effort to convince people to fund and work on rejuvenation therapies after the SENS model, based on the repair of cell and tissue damage? Because this strategy is comparatively new, because it is different from the largely futile efforts to paper over age-related diseases that have gone before. We humans are conservative, and favor existing strategies, even when they are poor, even when new directions are highly promising. Beyond the matter of rejuvenation, there are a thousand plausible new directions in medicine and biotechnology that are given little attention for all the same reasons, whether the DRACO approach to defeating viruses,


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