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The “commentary on some recent theses” section is a regular feature of the Rejuvenation Research journal, penned by Aubrey de Grey and collaborators. Historically it has been behind a journal paywall, but it is presently open access – and in this day and age of organized copyright heretics who assemble online databases of papers normally locked away, it is ceasing to much matter whether or not journals maintain a paywall when it comes to access. The most recent commentary touches on a range of different topics; reading it all is recommended. The quoted material here relates to an interesting discovery regarding the senescence of astrocytes in the aging brain, which, as noted, offers the promise of effective near future treatments for a range of neurodegenerative conditions.

Rejuvenation Research journalAubrey de Greyorganized copyright hereticsthe senescence of astrocytesneurodegenerative conditions

Of the seven strands of the SENS platform, the ablation of senescent cells (ApoptoSENS) has thus far made the most progress towards the clinic; drugs that selectively eliminate these toxic and superfluous cells are referred to as senolytics, and several are now undergoing or are soon to enter clinical trials. Recent evidence from preclinical work has indicated that the role of senescent cells in


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