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This recent interview with Gary Hudson of Oisin Biotechnologies covers a range of topics; there is a lot more to it than is quoted here. The company is working on the application of a programmable gene therapy to the targeted destruction of senescent and cancerous cells. Since the approach can be adjusted to kill cells that express significant amounts of any arbitrarily selected target protein, it can in principle be adapted to destroy other types of unwanted cell. The immune system in older individuals or patients with autoimmune diseases, for example, contains any number of problem cells that it would be beneficial to remove. As noted in the interview, destruction is only one possibility, however. Cells could be enhanced or have their behavior changed in other ways: destroying cells is the simple first exploration of a class of genetic technology that will over time grow to power a vast and diverse field of targeted cell reprogramming.

Gary HudsonOisin Biotechnologiesgene therapysenescentimmune systemautoimmune diseases

Feinerman: Your last interview was in July 2017, more than half a year ago. What has been accomplished?

Hudson: We have conducted many pre-clinical mouse experiments on both cancer and senescent cell removal. All have been successful and produce


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