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The research results here are from the latest in a line of epidemiological studies to firmly refute the obesity paradox, burying it with more data and better study design, to show that excess weight is very definitely harmful to health and longevity. The obesity paradox was the idea that excess weight – meaning excess fat tissue – could be protective in some circumstances in older individuals, such as in the case of cardiovascular disease. It arose from the combination of (a) flawed study design and (b) human nature. There are a lot of overweight and obese individuals in the world today because technological progress has greatly reduced the cost of calories. As a result more people consume significantly more calories than was the case in even comparatively recent history, and that has the natural consequence of excess fat tissue. People who are overweight, just like all other individuals, tend to want to hear comforting things about their present state. Hard truths are called hard truths for a reason. Thus the incorrect research results, while being widely attacked and then debunked within the scientific community, nonetheless received a great deal of attention from the public at large simply because they said


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