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Today, a few papers on cellular senescence and the application of therapies to remove senescent cells. Senescent cells are one of the root causes of aging. Over the past five years, once the research community finally started to make progress on ways to selectively destroy senescent cells, the presence of these cells has been directly implicated in a wide range of age related diseases. They cause fibrosis. They produce calcification in blood vessels. They help to upset the balance of bone maintenance to generate osteoporosis. They are at the root of localized inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis. They harm lung function. And so on and so forth through a long list of issues. All of this progress in knowledge and methods of therapy could have happened ten or twenty years earlier, in a different world, in which the leadership of the aging research community didn’t engage in decades of hostility towards anyone who wanted to treat aging as a medical condition. The evidence was there.

cellular senescenceone of the root causes of agingcause fibrosisproduce calcificationupset the balance of bone maintenanceosteoporosissuch as osteoarthritisharm lung function

Countless cells become senescent in the body day in and day out. It is the end state of


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