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The Undoing Aging conference is coming up later this month in Berlin, the latest in a long series of conferences focused initially on the science and later on commercial development of SENS rejuvenation biotechnology. In addition to prominent researchers from many parts of the field, this year we’ll see a much greater presence of startup companies and investors. The first legitimate rejuvenation therapies, those based on the SENS model of periodic repair of the cell and tissue damage that causes aging, have reached the stage of clinical development. Some of the companies are a few years old now. More will arrive in the years ahead, as support for this cause grows.

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The Undoing Aging conference is co-hosted by the SENS Research Foundation and the Forever Healthy Foundation. The former we’re all familiar with by now, I’d hope, as an umbrella organization that coordinates and funds a wide range of scientific programs to unblock important lines of rejuvenation research. The latter is investor and philanthropist Michael Greve’s non-profit organization. You might recall his support for the SENS Research Foundation in past years of fundraising; in 2016 he pledged $10 million to


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