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Agendia, Inc., a world leader in precision oncology, announced today that US Oncology Research, one of the nation’s largest research networks dedicated to bringing cutting-edge treatment options to cancer patients and consisting of more than 150 research sites and over 1,000 investigators, has joined Agendia’s FLEX breast cancer registry study. FLEX is a large-scale, prospective, observational breast cancer study that links full genome profiling, including Agendia’s MammaPrint® risk of recurrence and BluePrint® molecular subtyping tests, with complete clinical data to create a comprehensive patient database with the potential to identify new gene associations with prognostic and/or predictive value in breast cancer.

The first milestone for the revolutionary database will be to capture full genomic and clinical data for 10,000 breast cancer patients and follow them over 10 years. Open to both women and men in the U.S. diagnosed with stage I, II, or III cancer, including all molecular sub-types, the dataset will be a true representation of the entire patient population. By capturing genomic and clinical data from all ethnicities, ages, genders, and from patients with co-morbidities, the FLEX database provides valuable opportunities to accelerate breast cancer research. It will also enable researchers to investigate the differences and trends


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