Vilcek Prizes recognize groundbreaking accomplishments by immigrant scientists

New York, NY, February 6, 2018 — The Vilcek Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Vilcek Prizes in Biomedical Science. Awarded annually, the prizes call attention to the breadth of immigrant contributions to science in the United States. In parallel, the Vilcek Foundation also awards prizes for immigrant accomplishments in the arts.

“The collective discoveries of this year’s prizewinners are truly exceptional,” says Jan Vilcek, Chairman and CEO of the Vilcek Foundation. “They have wide-ranging implications in both basic and translational science, and include novel technologies that, until recently, were not even within the realm of imagination. They are proof that immigrants push the boundaries of possibility, in science and in society.”

The Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science, which is accompanied by a $100,000 cash prize, is awarded to immunologist Alexander Rudensky, chair of the immunology program at Sloan Kettering Institute, director of the Ludwig Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. Rudensky, known to his friends as Sasha, was born in the former Soviet Union, and came to the U.S. soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall as a postdoctoral fellow. Much of his career has been


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