Vitamin D may decrease the risk of breast cancer

A new study suggests that, the more vitamin D you have in your system, the less likely you are to develop breast cancer.

The merits of vitamin D when it comes to cancer prevention have long been at the heart of medical debates.

vitamin Dcancer

Where some studies have revealed that overall cancer risk is lower in people with higher levels of this vitamin, others have suggested that vitamin D has no impact on a person’s vulnerability to the disease.

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Still, the case for ensuring that you get enough vitamin D is fairly strong, as low blood levels of this nutrient have been associated with a raised risk of bladder cancer and, in a study that was published earlier this year, an elevated risk of bowel cancer.

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Previous research has also suggested a link between high vitamin D levels and better survival rates in people going through breast cancer treatment.

better survival ratesbreast cancer

In a pooled analysis of a prospective cohort study and two randomized clinical trials, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine in have now investigated whether and to what extent high levels of vitamin D in the blood were associated with a lower risk of developing


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