Wnt Signaling and p53 in the Progression of Heart Failure

If at the bottom of aging are root causes, and at the top of aging are end results, meaning organ and tissue failure and age-related disease, then the majority of aging research is focused on the middle layer of the problem in between. This middle layer is made up of the exceptionally complex changes in cellular biochemistry that take place over the course of aging, a snake-pit of long chains of cause and effect, with many feedback loops and interactions. All of this is incompletely investigated, and the links to top and bottom tiers of aging are in many places only tenuously understood or proven. Making progress towards a grand map of cellular metabolism and aging is very slow and very expensive.

root causes

The research here is an example of this type of work, illustrating that even the better-studied portions of the cellular biochemistry of aging include collections of contradictory observations and clashing evidence, yet to be explained, and that there is all too little consideration given as to why the observed changes take place. Until more attention to root causes appears on a regular basis in everyday papers such as this one, then the research community will continue to give


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