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Washington State University researchers are studying a variety of potential cannabis-related health impacts, including its effects on pregnant women, young people, and those with chronic pain. They are also looking at public and professional attitudes to the drug, its intersection with tobacco, and the science of how it stimulates users’ appetites.

The projects, all of which are consistent with federal law, were awarded recently by WSU’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Program. Funded by state cannabis taxes and liquor license fees, the program is aimed at pilot projects that focus on drug abuse in the state.

The program has awarded 28 cannabis-related research grants in the last three years.

“Funding for these pilot grants is essential because it allows us to expand our research at WSU to investigate some of the most pressing questions related to the impact of cannabis on health,” said Michael McDonell, an associate professor in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine and chair of the university’s Committee on Cannabis Research and Outreach.

Here are several of the projects funded so far this year:

Treating pain
Rebecca Craft, psychology

“Pain relief is the most commonly reported medical use of marijuana,” according to the grant abstract. Clinical


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